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Summer 2015

31 July

Our juvenile swifts in Milton Road Primary School's Box 8 fledged on 29 July at 9:50pm.  They spent a lot of time at the box entrance during the day, in between wing exercise and demanding food whenever the adult returned to the box.  It was not easy to see whether the parent was feeding them on each occasion it visited the box that day. By about 6:30pm both juveniles were at the box entrance and the suspicion was they could go at any time. 

They will probably have joined other juveniles and may now be on their way south, on their journey to southern Africa.  They may even have set off immediately the same night they fledged.  One parent roosted in the box that night but was not seen last night and the box looks undisturbed.  We assume it too has now headed south.    

We will miss 'our' swifts but hope to see them again next season.  Many thanks to Milton Road Primary School and Action for Swifts for allowing us to observe these unusual birds close up.

Swifts have nested in man-made buildings since Roman times but nesting sites are under enormous threat as many modern or renovated old buildings do not allow suitable access. However, as at Milton Road Primary School, swifts will readily use swift boxes or bricks.

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