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Spring 2015

1 July

Exciting news! We are now live streaming from two of Milton Road Primary School 's swift boxes.  The two chicks in Box 8 are now about two weeks old (hatched 17 & 18 June) and growing rapidly with feathers appearing over the last few days!  .. Click here to view the live site... The breeding pair of swifts in Box 10 have laid two eggs, which we believe may hatch out this coming weekend.


Swifts have nested in man-made buildings since Roman times but many modern or renovated old buildings do not allow suitable access.  However, as at Milton Road Primary School, swifts will readily use swift boxes or bricks.

The Birdbox Project is pleased to support related webcam streaming from schools and wildlife organisations throughout the year. Contact us with your ideas at :

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First sight of chick with eyes open Eyes Wide Open!

At least one of the chicks now has its eyes open.  The photo was taken during the evening of 25th June and only after taking it was it...more...

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