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Summer 2015

28 July

It's now growing very near fledging time for the two young swifts in Box 8 at Milton Road Primary School.  By our reckoning the older chick is now 42 days old and the younger one 41.  The normal age for fledging is at about 42 days so we are waiting! Almost glued to the screen!

In the photo below, taken this morning, one of the chicks is looking with great interest at the outside world, as they have both done for over a week now.  The other is exercising its wings, having spent quite some time doing press-ups in the box. 

Once they launch themselves from the box, the will not return to it and will lead independent lives from their parents.  We will be sad not to watch them in the box but glad that the parent swifts were able to nurture both of their eggs into young swifts.   Swift young in Box 8 

Swifts have nested in man-made buildings since Roman times but many modern or renovated old buildings do not allow suitable access. However, as at Milton Road Primary School, swifts will readily use swift boxes or bricks.

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